Season 2 of 2015 comes to an End – Points to Finalise and Regional Details to come

Hi Team,

Hope you’re staying warm in this stupidly cold winter.. Feel free to post some of the frosty pictures you may be collecting on our Brand New Facebook Page:

If you haven’t make sure you like that for quick contact with us regarding any problems you may be having as well as the most up to date information.

The second season of 2015 has come to an end, points have been collated till the 12th of July and winners and details for the next regional will be announced soon – Jump on the website and double check your points on site and make sure everything is looking as it should as we’re finalising the winning tables..

As we start gathering new members it’s really important that you make them aware they need to register on the website – The old method no longer applies, if they want to be generating points in our competition they need to register a number on the website! It’s super east and takes less than 10 seconds..

As always we’re looking to improve so any issues suggestions are welcome on either our Facebook or Website – we are currently working on a way to have points updated almost instantly as we know this is important to you.

Warm regards,
The KPL Team
Matt, Matt and Caleb.