Regional B) less than a week away!! Sunday 30th Gore – Longford

In case you missed it…. Less than 1 week to go

Where: The Longford Tavern, Gore.
When: Sunday 30th of August

Champions table starts at 11am
10k Deep Stack – Winner Takes all including the Green Jacket.

Congratulations to the following players all of whom overcame the competition to be the number one player in their respective venue, and now win a seat on the ‘Champions Table’ where they will compete against each other for a grand prize trip to Melbourne!

Luxury Accommodation, Return Flights to Mebourne, Buy-In up to $400

30292 – Longford Tavern
32079– Mataura RSA (30292 has already qualified)
k53375– Robbie’s Bar and Bistro
ST7933– Stadium Tavern
K12100 -Charlotte Ball – Kensington Tui Club Rooms
K8730 – Karl Meyer – Commercial Tavern

Last Chance Qualifier starts 12pm
$5 Entry with Un-limited Re-Buys till the first break.
Turbo Tourney now with a $200 guaranteed prize pool
Anyone can play in this tournament on the day and the top 20% will be going through to the main event – Tell all your friends, bring a car load!

Main Event starts at 2:30pm
This one is for the guys who have battled all season to play off for Cash and The Trip to Melbourne – See if your name is below

If your name is not on this list, don’t be sad, come along to the turbo, free to enter, ‘Last Chance Qualifier’ where you can win your seat to the main event, and now you can also win cash! Last season there was a $500 prize pool for this turbo tourney so be sure to come along and bring your friends, even if you already have a seat, the more the merrier!

Top players by region – congratulations you’ve qualified for our main event.

Longford Tavern

Rank KPL Membership – Display Name Points
1st 30292 4200
2nd 30280 3700
3rd 30279 3150
4th 32079 2700
5th 30186 2200
6th 32067 2050
7th AA1234 – Wayne Nicholson 2000
8th 30288 1200
9th 30258 1000
10th K2-tait 1000

Mataura RSA
Rank KPL Membership – Display Name Points
1st 30292 2750
2nd 32079 1900
3rd 30288 1400
4th 38715 1350
5th 30280 1100
6th 29090 1000
7th 34999 1000
8th 30279 600
9th AA1234 – Wayne Nicholson 500
10th 123456 500

Robbies Bar & Bistro Dunedin
Rank KPL Membership – Display Name Points
1st k53375 – K53375 K53375 2750
2nd k61418 – MissyNz 2500
3rd ro7777 – RO7777 1000
4th k53373 1000
5th k0110 – Lloyd 750
6th 31379 650
7th k37222 400
8th k53057 – Carl Carl 400
9th k2027 – K2027 K2027 400
10th ke7222 350

Stadium Tavern
Rank KPL Membership – Display Name Points
1st st7933 3000
2nd St2304 2000
3rd st8400 1700
4th st7553 – ST7553 ST7553 1250
5th st9219 1200
6th st6455 1150
7th st5059 1000
8th k1418 1000
9th k3 1000
10th st2202 750

The Commercial Tavern
Rank KPL Membership – Display Name Points
1st K8730 – Karl Meyer 4950
2nd K28950 4100
3rd K4000 – Jules 4050
4th K1163 – K1163 K1163 4000
5th K95252 3450
6th K53057 – Carl Carl 3400
7th K09100 3050
8th K49370 – goff 2550
9th K31786 – mrbluesky 1900
10th K4599 – K4599 K4599 1350

The Kensington Tui Clubrooms
Rank KPL Membership – Display Name Points
1st k12100 – charlotte 4200
2nd k1336 – Simon Marshall 3300
3rd 31769 2750
4th ke9546 2200
5th ke7222 1950
6th k53375 – K53375 K53375 1850
7th ke3950 1800
8th KE8134 1500
9th ke6780 – KE6780 KE6780 1500
10th ke0108 1000
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