Melbourne 2015 + Regionals

Hi team,
Shame about the Black Caps last night.. I think I hit the roof when ole Baz got out for a duck..
Just a few thing that you may have missed as we’ve been communicating a lot through our emails but realising that a few of you might not be getting these..

Melbourne for 2014- Jan 2015 Winners
The Crown Pacific Championship will be from the 13th till the 24th of May we are working through the best dates and tournaments to attend currently – We are still missing a few details of some of the winners so if you haven’t been in touch with us now is the time!

Season Ending and Regionals

Season 1 Ends on the 5th of April
Season 2 Begins on the 6th of April

Please make sure your points look up to date on the website, we endeavour to have these uploaded quickly and accurately but mistakes do happen, so feel free to contact us directly regarding any disputes.

If your points aren’t there chances are you haven’t registered on our Website – No registration, NO POINTS!

Regionals are on the 2nd of May
Where: Stadium Tavern Alexandra

This will be your first chance to battle it out for cash prizes and of course, the two trips to Melbourne where you can win even BIGGER cash prizes! More details about drink and food specials plus the tournament structure will be updated in due course.

New Venue Wanaka
Bulloch Bar
Thursdays at 7:30pm

We wish you all safe travels in the up-coming long weekend, please drive safe and take care of one another!

See you at regional’s

The KPL Team,
Matt, Matt and Caleb