Melbourne 2014

Poker at its best

Another awesome Melbourne trip is over and the crew had a great time.

WOW! anyone that says Poker has had its day…… come play in the Crown Poker rooming Melbourne

It all started with over priced beers at the airport on Friday night…

After checking in at our hotel late Friday night in Melbourne, what the first thing you want to do??? Straight to the casino we went, (for some more over priced beer) and to take in the awesome sight of the legendary Crown Poker room. As all the winners that have been over will testify, it is quite a sight to see- table upon table of poker playing fiends.

Early into the morning we had studied the quality of the game play that we were expecting to come up against on Sunday, and it was fierce…

It is fair to say that everyone got to experience some quality time in the Crown Casino poker room. Luckily the Crown Plaza itself is probably about the size of Dunedin in its population on a busy day and all the food and entertainment services that it has to offer. Needless to say there was little reason to leave for very long, if only to sleep.