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Below you can find the Kiwi Poker League’s leaderboards for the Season. To have points entered you must have registered and added your KPL ID to the points sheet on the night of the game – do it NOW, click here to register.


Make sure you add your KPL ID as you registered it on this website when you note your KPL ID next to your name on the night. This is the only way points can be assigned.

Region: All Regions

Leaderboard Attendees For: Season 2 2019 (1APR - JUL7)

Rank KPL Membership - Display Name Points



2nd 31379 1750
3rd Sb32540 1700
4th Sb32515 1600
5th K73241 1500
6th Cr2230 1500
7th K12100 - charlotte 1150
8th Sb3388 1000
9th K50915 1000
10th B45954 1000
11th B48541 750
12th B0936 750
13th K69633 750
14th Sb9294 - SB9294 650
15th B37586 - RICHMM 500
16th Ke6780 - KE6780 KE6780 500
17th K59283 250
18th 1491 250
19th Cr9023 150
20th Sb0683 100
21st Sb1000 100
22nd Sb1075 50