KPL Trip 2017

We landed in Melbourne at 8am with a few hours before check in at our apartments. To pass the time we got to see where we were playing at the Crown Casino, just a block away from where we were staying. The Crown Casino is in the CBD taking an area of 510,000 square meters or equivalent of two city blocks. It contains 3x hotels, several night clubs, restaurants and up market shops like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Omega and many more. There are many restaurant and cafes of many flavors surrounding the Crown if you got hungry. If you were into your shopping Melbourne is the mega place for it. DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) similar to Dress Mart we have in New Zealand is only 10min walk from the Crown which holds all the major labels at discount prices.

We got ready for our poker tournament the next day, the poker room is four times as big as the Dunedin Casino and is where they hold the Aussie Millions, the Richest poker tournament in the southern hemisphere. There were just fewer than 100 people that played in the tournament. Originally when we got allocated our random seats we had 5 of us on the same table, only one of us got moved.

We all went in with a different strategy but with the objective of making the first break, top 50 and then final table. Many of the players were local and familiar to the dealers; we made ourselves comfortable as possible and pretended we were amateur professional poker players. You are only as good the cards you are dealt and taking advantage of premium cards and getting value was a must.

Ken, the main event winner from Wanaka, was first to go getting knocked out just before the first break. The rest of us survived it and into the top 50, with Lucas out in late 30’s position followed by Frenchie from Alexandra in 31st place. Callum, winner of 3x tickets last year, played his usual aggressive game finishing up in 21st and Karl from the Commercial in 22nd place. It left Clem, Eden and Michael in the top 20 fighting for a place on the final table with the top 10 receiving cash prizes. Blinds were high with a lot of people with no choice to go all in. Only the brave would call with the large stacks waiting with their stacks to get on the final table. 17th place was Eden who played a patience game all night followed by Michael in 16th place shoving all in with his tight play. Clem was last man standing bursting the bubble in 11th place with an all-in call with a straight on the turn, unfortunately the river paired up to give the opposition a full house, damn river! 6 hours of hard grind for nothing, but that’s poker.

Next day 6 of us played the $50 Turbo where 58 people entered and the top 7 got paid out. Clem managed to get an early chip lead by knocking out Callum, Frenchie and Ken. There was a little bit of drama where Lucas was short stack and had to play big blind twice as the dealer wasn’t paying attention. Eden and Clem made the final table with Eden knocked out in 9th place. Clem was the dreaded bubble boy again in 8th place.

All up it was a great trip with plenty of poker and pokies played. Maybe next year one regional KPL winner could be in the money; could it be YOU?

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