Eden and Frenchie 1 book seats to Melbourne

Congratulations to Eden (Mornington) and Frenchie1 also known as Antony Worch who won the Champs table and Main Event respectively.

The champs table began with 5 champions and after the dust had settled, Eden (Mornington Tavern) and Tim (Robbies) battled it out heads up for over an hour with the chiplead changing several times before Eden finally came away with the win holding QK of spades vs Tims AJ. The flop came Ad As 8s. Things looked good for Tim but unfortunately a black 7 of spades on the turn left him with few outs. A red 3 on the river spelled the end for Tim and Eden emerged victorious.

The Main Event was taken out by Alexandras resident French winemaker, Frenchie 1 (Antony Worch). Frenchie arrived at the final table with a shortstack, but a lucky double-up after a squeeze from the big blind against fellow countrymen, Frenchie 2, got him back into the game, and from there, there was no looking back as he began to dominate the final table. Robbies and Kensington stalwart, Scott, was the last man standing against Frenchie1 , but arrived at heads up with a significantly inferior chipstack. The momentum was unstoppable and unfortunately for Scott he couldn’t channel his inner Doyle Brunson and his 10 2 whiffed against Frenchies 67 which straightend up on the turn. Scott took home some cash for his resistance however, while Frenchie joins Eden along with last season double winner Callum on board the plane next year to Melbourne. Frenchie is also the owner of sexy new KPL hat (see picture)!

All toll, it was a fantastic weekend filled with poker, new friends, old friends and not enough sleep :). Can’t wait to do it all again at the next regionals which will likely be in late September. Still 4 trips to be won before year end. Season 3 is halfway through and people are starting to jostle for the lead as the venue ladders begin to take shape. Who will be on the next champions table? Who will book their trip to Melbourne? Will it be you?

Good luck at the tables and may the flop be with you

The KPL Team
Jeremy, Clem, Ketch and Kirby